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Engagement sessions photographed by Pittsburgh engagement photographer, Leeann Marie.

Hometown Engagement: Erica + Josh

Erica and Josh have been together since their Junior and Senior years…. of high school! They met, fell in love, and then Erica left for Bethany College in West Virginia. Their first year separated, Erica traveled back to see Josh and attend football games. Luckily, Josh decided to also attend Bethany and they were able […]

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Happy New Year!

The holidays are always popular for engagements, so to all of the new 2013 and 2014 brides – welcome to wedding planning! It’s a fun, sometimes stressful, and (in the end) soooo worth it adventure you’re on! Enjoy every second! If you haven’t yet, check out The Leeann Marie Collective’s latest magazine edition, full of […]

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Hometown Engagement: Emily + Jason

They both went to Pitt Law School, but Jason still maintains his loyalty to Maryland – his undergrad alma mater. They’re both low-key, and love taking in a basketball game or spending a relaxing day on the couch with their cat, Larry Fitzgerald (how awesome is that?) Jason still practices law, but Emily is branching […]

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City Engagement: Lindsey + Brandon

It’s Steelers time. They won last week, and I’m thinking it’s got to be partially because Lindsey and Brandon drove up to Pittsburgh and dedicated half of their engagement session to the team. Any guess what date they’ll be getting married? My sister and her husband are coming into Pittsburgh this weekend, and we’re heading […]

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Hometown Engagement: Kelly + Ryan

They have a little dog named Minnie, and were “high school sweethearts” (even though they didn’t go to the same high school). Kelly and Ryan have been together for seven years and really love working out together and eating out at some of the best restaurants in the city. On top of that, they work […]

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Hometown Engagement: Mandy + Derek

Mandy and Derek met while they were both on an internship in Florida. Derek, a Michigan guy fell for Mandy’s fun-loving yet oh-so-sweet personality and they fell in love! Oh wait – they were from totally different areas… No problem! They both got jobs with the same company (thanks to that mutual internship), and moved […]

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