I thought it would be fun this week to pull back the curtain on wedding photographers behind the scenes and give you a little glimpse into what we talk about when you brides aren’t around 🙂 And, trust me, we like to talk! Like a lot. We have our own online communities where we share our experiences and trade wedding stories, and here are some things we think you should know.



We Will Eat ALL the Cookies

We like to talk about what we ate at your wedding. Yes, wedding photographers do need to eat. We work a long day, and getting to eat a decent meal saves us from devouring the cookie table! I just received the sweetest email from a bride asking me what I’d like to eat at the reception, and my heart just melted! It’s incredible when a wedding couple reaches out in that way.



Stop With Those Mass Lead Emails

You know how I said wedding photographers talk to each other? Well, we know when you’ve been sending out the same lead email to every photographer in town. We’re all friends! What we wish is that you’d skip those mass emails and instead focus on finding the right photographer for you. Check out our websites, and then contact only a select few with whom you really feel you could make a personal connection.


Leave the Professional Photos to the Professionals

Probably right now at this very moment there’s a lively forum discussion about the Uncle Bobs (and other random guests) who like to offer their ”advice” on wedding poses. We really do know what we’re doing, but more than anything else we’re there so that you and your guests can have a good time. Let us focus about getting the light and the poses just right, and you enjoy!


Get the Dress Right

While no wedding photographer wants Uncle Bob directing her to fluff out the bride’s dress more, we do discuss how important it is for the dress to fit from all angles. Truthfully we can’t Photoshop something out from every image, and strapless dresses in particular tend to create bulges in the back that you might not see until you get your photos back. I always tell brides to have someone take snapshots of them during dress fittings to know how it’s going to look from every side.


Discussing Family Formals

We’re not all on the same page when it comes to family formals. Some wedding photographers don’t like getting a list of eight different photo combinations. Keeping these sessions relaxed and fun can be challenging when you’re trying to get in all those images, but for me personally these family sessions are essential. The wedding is often that once in a lifetime opportunity for the entire family from all far flung corners of the world to be together. This is your time to be with the people special to you. If your aunt was like your second mom, lets get some photos with her! If you’re an only child and your cousins were your surrogate brothers and sisters, we’ll definitely get some shots of you and your crew along with the basic family combos.


So, there you have it; all those secrets revealed! Luckily, we love what we do, and we want to capture YOU on your special day!


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