Hometown Wedding: Ashley + Chad

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She’s got a subtle quiet and calm about her. As she prepared for her wedding day, everyone buzzed around, but she stood back and took it in a bit more. Every time she sees her grandma she smiles and tears up a little. Every time she sees Chad she does the same. She’s connected to all of them in each their own little way, but family is strong and incredibly important to her. They’re her smiles, her tears, her joy on the day of the wedding.

Ashley and Chad were married in Steubenville in a church that was non-pretentious on the outside and just stunning on the inside – kind of like Ashley and Chad themselves. They give a lot to others, and give a lot to each other. They love life together, and they are excited to now be their own family – you can tell from the way Chad beams around her, and the way Ashley just… well, is always glowing.

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This little guy was so cute throughout the day!
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Ceremony in Steubenville.
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During the sign of the peace, Ashley also gave a rose to her Grandmother.
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Bubbles! These stairs were serious business.
steubenville church wedding ashley and chad
Ashley and her Grandmother.
bride with grandmother
Told ya he was adorable!
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Love this candid and fun moment with Ashley’s veil!
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On a more serious note, Ashley did what I’ve never seen before – made sure to have the limo stop at the final resting places of some of her dear and missed family members, where she laid a sunflower at each of their graves. Truly touching and sentimental.
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The guys (12 in all!) were fun dudes to hang out with!
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The stunning bride!
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Watch out as I get a bit portrait heavy – I was a photographer in early-fall-sunlight-heaven.
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Love this modern and casual pose!
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Ashley: proof that lashes are a girl’s best friend.
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They keep each other laughing.
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Melissa made sure to grab a bouquet shot while I was shooting portraits. Teamwork, baby!
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Ohhh so romantic!
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At last we wind up at the reception – The Serbian Cultural Center in Weirton, West Virginia.
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A mother/daughter dance.
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Parenting Professional!
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Bridesmaid to the rescue!
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Have I mentioned I love shooting dancing photos? I throw on a 28 and really get into the dance floor!
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Yeah, buddy!
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And, at last, the bouquet retrieval – embarrassment and all!
garter toss bouquet at wedding reception