City Engagement: Marybeth + Michael

station square engagement

Their idea of the perfect date? Pizza and a bottle of wine.

What could make a night like that even better? Fireworks, according to Marybeth. She loves fireworks, so the idea of sitting near the rivers downtown watching the holiday spectacular is right on their list of “must do”.

Marybeth and Michael are both busy professionals – working in the local hospitals taking care of Pittsburghers day in and day out – but they find time for each other. And, sometimes, it’s big things like heading out to see the latest Cirque show. Other times it’s small things like grabbing a new bottle of wine and trying a different local pizza shop in the Shadyside area.

They’ll be married next summer at Chestnut Ridge – closer to home – but for now we photographed their engagement session in the city!

marybeth concannon and michael jones

Our first engagement shoot got rained out, but we rescheduled for early on a Sunday morning and it worked out great!boat docks pittsburgh engagement

Still some fall color around Station Square!station square pittsburgh epics

Can’t say I really know exactly what this thing is, but it reminds me of “cool old Pittsburgh” so we’ll go with it! Also adds some different textures and colors, and that’s always something I’m looking for!colorful engagement photography pittsburgh

I love photographing couples in Station Square, because the area is so versatile.

station square engagement photos

They were engaged on Mt. Washington, so we headed back there! Go figure that the night they were engaged Michael got a call from him mom and aunt while at dinner – “When are you two getting engaged!?” The answer? That night! pittsburghs best wedding and engagement photographer