Running Away From the Sunrise

I boarded my plane at 7:10am. I was up and getting ready to head to the airport at 5:30am. It was still dark outside as I leaned over the bed and kissed my husband goodbye. I’ll see you in three days.

I boarded my plane with coffee in one hand, book in the other, laptop over my shoulder, and a bag of clothes with me that could cover temperatures from 50 degrees in Pittsburgh to a hot 95 in Phoenix and back. The sun was barely rising over the horizon.

As the plane took off I closed my eyes, prepared to drift back into sleep and forget about the next couple of hours. Instead, I only closed them momentarily and decided to open the window shade and take in some of the Pennsylvania fall scenery rolling over the hills that I live amongst. In the far distance, the sun glimmered over the far neighborhoods and I could see the pink reflection of it’s early morning rise on the plane wing.

It’s like I’m running away from the sunrise. I wonder if I can beat it…, I thought. And then, almost immediately after, I figured what a strange thing to think, even if only to myself. Why would I want to run away from a new day? The new day that’s promising so many things in between it’s hues of pink, light yellow, and rich reds? Is it because I feel like I need more time in today? Like the new day coming is pushing away the one that I’m enjoying now? That a new day means new changes, and maybe.. I’m just not ready for them.

Sunrise over US Airways 679

But, I didn’t beat the sunrise. It came, and it was beautiful, and it was much more fulfilling than a dark night would have been regardless of how much I’d like to close my eyes and sleep. The sunrise allowed me to see the autumn on the hills, the Texas flatlands, and, alas, the Grand Canyon. The sunrise needed to come so that I could see all of the beautiful parts of my day that I hadn’t even known would be included.

The Grand Canyon

Learning to embrace that I can’t beat the morning sunrise is something that I struggle with lately, but this day helped me (even a small bit) to embrace the changes. The new days. The unknown. Because the sunrise brings so much more beauty than would have been there in the darkness.