Introducing: Pittsburgh Fashion Blog!

I’m excited! For the longest time I’ve wanted to sit down and create a personal project. Nothing that I wanted to become a business. Something that was really just for me…

…and now I’m proud to be launching Pittsburgh Pret-a-Porter. This is a new fashion blog that I’ll be running, and it’s purpose is to show off my love of fashion, shopping, accesorizing, and finding great places to splurge as well as save! I’m a Pittsburgh girl through-and-through, but I also love me some big city fashion finds! My goal is to showcase how I put together pieces from Target to Michael Kors to with a pair of shoes I bought in Venice and a bracelet I bought at a craft show in Ligonier.

The name, Pittsburgh Pret-a-Porter, was chosen based on the term referring to women’s ready-to-wear clothing lines from popular fashion houses. However, since not everyone is familiar with that term, I chose instead to make the URL easy to remember:

I know a lot of my past brides were into fashion as well, and I absolutely love following them on Instagram, Facebook, etc. If you’re ever interested in a guest post, please let me know! Like I said, it’s a fun personal project that I’m excited to share:)
pittsburgh fashion blog