Current Fandom

Oh, it’s October! First, where did the summer go? I’m still basically the same shade of “tan” as I was 8 months ago. I need more “outdoor, wear your bathing suit” weddings – anyone?

Fall is by far the season that I most connect with, though, so I’m happy it’s here. It also… is the shortest season here in Pittsburgh. Why is that?! Someone from above wants to mock us every year with just two (maybe three) short months of this loveliness before it’s ripped away and the blistering cold sets in? I’ll take what I can get, then, and this fall I’m really into things a bit more “natural”. Good music. Handmade goods. Yummy foods.

On the playlist? The Lumineers. Love them!

All natural, cod-liver-oil (yep, kid you not!) face cream – recommended by Hayley! I actually really love it! I put it on in the evening and I think my skin is looking better and more healthy!

Also on my list? My sister, Krista, made me this beanie hat, and it’s perfect to throw over day-old hair and head out the door. Also works if I’ve had a ponytail in all day and have that weird hair-crease (know what I mean?!). Check out her Etsy store HERE.

And, finally, my mom just found out that she has Celiac Disease, and so now we’re on the search to find her foods that are not only helpful in managing a gluten allergy, but also delicious! If you have any recipes or words of encouragement, I’m sure she’d love to hear about them – email over!:)