Hometown Engagement: Mandy + Derek

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Mandy and Derek met while they were both on an internship in Florida. Derek, a Michigan guy fell for Mandy’s fun-loving yet oh-so-sweet personality and they fell in love!

Oh wait – they were from totally different areas… No problem! They both got jobs with the same company (thanks to that mutual internship), and moved to Pittsburgh to not only work together but spend even more time in each other’s company.

Now they’re set to be married in September 2013, and are enjoying life in the meantime! Their baseball rivalry between cities keeps things interesting! Mandy – dedicated – roots for the Pirates. Derek – who loves winning – roots for the Tigers. Regardless of their sports alliances, together these two are a team, and I’m positive that they’re going to have tons of fun in the life together that awaits! (Go…. Steelers?)

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Shot in an apple orchard – oh, glorious sunlight, super cute couple, location of my dreams…apple orchard engagement pictures pittsburgh

Had to play with some of the apples in the photos too! I love how this photo is so “country love”. Only in Pennsylvania do we have these beautiful locations!apple orchard enagement

Sunset over the hills outside of the big city. Heavenly.scenic places for engagement photos in pittsburgh country

Mandy and Derek were so fun to hang out with too – so easy-going and casual. They were really up for anything!bella sera canonsburg wedding photographer

Pretty safe to say she’s pretty crazy about him…mandy and derek engagement photos