Apple a Day

I’m a workhorse. Hee haw.

I love Apple products.

How I got suckered into the iPhone5.

Zombie perfection…just in time for Halloween!

Ok, I’ve got nothing, except that I do get really into my work sometimes. I love it – it’s a part of who I am, and my friend Terra captured that, well, quite perfectly while I was in Salt Lake City.

I speak in Systems and Workflow a lot, and having great systems helps to keep your business in amazing tip top shape – but work doesn’t just go away! You’ve got to focus and concentrate in order to get a lot of things done. I have a huge appreciation for girls that are hard-workers – it can be really rewarding!

I find that so many of my brides are not only beautiful, wonderful girls to hang out with on their wedding days, but they’re driven and successful. And I LOVE them for that! Get it girls!

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