Ring Shots!

Admittedly, I love ring shots. Any time I get to swoon over diamonds is a good day. And also, admittedly, I don’t get them every time. There are some weddings where the rings are just in different locations, and by the time we get to the reception things are moving so quickly that ring shots move lower and lower on the list. However, when I do get some one-on-one time with wedding and engagement rings, I try to do my very best to showcase them as a product photographer may work. There are three main components to how I approach it each and every time!

1. Side light. You can see in the “action” shot that there is a little video light off to the side of the rings. This ensures that all of those beautiful sparkly cuts that you paid for are shown off!
2. Macro lens. I couldn’t produce nearly the level of detail and quality without my handy little macro lens!
3. Positioning and Composition. I love using glass tables, jewelry in the backgrounds, other details, and reflections in my ring shots. It adds a lot to a photo!

This first photo is what came about as a result of the action shot above. I moved Ashley’s bracelet behind the rings to add the bokeh (photog term for “blurry stuff”)
engagement kite setting wedding ring
This one was lit with both window light and the video light coming from the bottom.
blue kate middleton engagement ring
Video light + a glass table. Love the reflections!
princess cut engagement ring
Video light + yellow diamond. I included the little love birds, since that was the theme of their reception!
yellow canary diamond engagement ring