Hometown Wedding: Kimberly + Jon

hayloft pittsburgh wedding photographer
I usually write blog posts about how the wedding day progressed, what the bride was wearing, and cakes. Today, however, I think Kim and Jon’s blog post should be all them – because they are simply awesome.

As soon as I read Kim’s questionnaire that she filled out for me (letting me know all of the wedding day details prior to the big day) I knew their sense of humor was second to none. I have a huge appreciation for the less-serious, and, seriously, they couldn’t be more fun to be around. They know how to enjoy life and all the silliness that being together for life needs:

Q. What’s your favorite thing about being with each other? Things that you do together?

Kim: What’s our favorite thing about being with each other?
Jon: Huh?
Kim: What’s our favorite thing about being with each other?
Jon: *long silence* appreciating our peacocks. (He is referring to our lovely peacock paintings that we have created lore around in our living room)

Kim: What are our favorite things that we do together?
Jon: Appreciate the peacocks.
Kim: What else?
Jon: Feast. We enjoy feasting. And travel. And screaming.

(That is exactly correct.) ///

Congratulations to you both! I hope you have a long life together full of… peacocks, feasts, and pies. Maybe a cake or two.

bride with flask
Reading of the wedding ketubah.
wedding ketubah
Kim allowed all of the bridesmaids to select their own dresses, as long as they were blue!
hayloft weddings
College friends!
friends at weddings
The outdoor ceremony site at The Hayloft.
hayloft somerset wedding ceremony
Under a handcrafted wooden canopy.
hayloft wedding ceremony
bride and groom photo
Love these dreamy, sunlit days.
bride and groom in pennsylvania
The Hayloft is a really pretty venue! It’s a barn in the middle of nowhere PA, but super pretty and well organized!
bride and groom hayloft
Comes with some pretty beautiful scenery too!
hayloft wedding 2
Love weeping willow trees.
leeann marie photographers
the collective pittsburgh
They make each other so happy.
the leeann marie collective wedding photography
The Hayloft. Open air, beautiful skies – can’t beat it!
hayloft wedding venue location pa
Inside of the barn is really beautiful as well with strung lights and custom details.
hayloft wedding barn
Ohhhh embarassing bridesmaid speech!
weddings in barns pa
They had a great dancing crowd!
18_reception dancing
This is Kim’s aunt, Jackie, who was also really into taking photos at the wedding as well! I think she took some time to enjoy too!
reception dancing more weddings