Hometown Wedding: Heather + Jeff

palace theater wedding greensburg
Once, in a Blue Moon…

They met at the theater one fateful evening, and from there have built a life together. A life that celebrates their families, mothers, fathers, brothers, and friends. Their presence is one of constant kindness and appreciation, and they’re trusting of the people they bring into their lives.

Heather and Jeff’s wedding was held at the place they met – The Palace Theater in Greensburg. The day was sun-drenched until the last of the August summer days ended, and their cocktail-style wedding reception boasted a fun photobooth, candy bar, and Blue Moon theme drinks for their guests.

Congratulations, and thank you so much for having me and Katie with you on your wedding day!

Here is Lisa, from Kiss-and-Makeup! The master at work!

lisa johnson kiss and makeup
Final touches..
norwin wedding photographer
Now THAT is the look of an excited groom!
irwin wedding photographer
Love this photo of Heather inside of her hometown church. The stained glass is a beautiful touch, and it’s hard not to wonder if this was, at one point, a little girl in the pew, yet now a girl in her wedding dress.
north huntington wedding photography
Heather and Jeff had a first look, so we were able to photograph a lot of them with family members before the wedding, as well as a few quick portraits of them as well.
pittsburgh weddings
A small story: Katie assisted me throughout the wedding day, and she was seated on the left side of the church. It was the first time we worked together, and I knew that she was watching me shoot throughout the church. I was on the left, on the right, in the back… and then.. I saw this shot. With every ‘up’ and ‘down’ in the ceremony, I inched my way towards a front left pew. Slowly but surely, until I had it. I know that no one in the church as guests noticed, but I can’t help but giggle a little at the though of Katie watching me work into this spot… she might have thought I was a freak, but I was obsessed with getting it while not interrupting the service!

(That story wasn’t so short… sorry.)

silhouette wedding picture
A proud mama!
candid wedding ceremony mother of bride
We rode over to the Seton Hill University campus for their wedding portraits and some photography time.
seton hill wedding photos
I just swoon over this kind of light.
wedding pictures at seton hill college
The college campus is a great place to photograph couples, since it’s got a great mix of architecture with greenery!
seton hill college campus weddings
Heather, looking stunning!!
greensburg wedding photographers
The Palace Theater was a totally unique space for their wedding reception, and they were introduced on this huge, classic staircase.
palace theater weddings
Joe (one of my grooms from 2010!) to the rescue with the beverages of choice.
bup to the rescue
And a happy first dance!
palace theater greensburg weddings