Current Fandom

Yesterday I was driving through my neighborhood and my phone wasn’t connecting via the Bluetooth in my car. I’m usually listening to my Spotify, so at times I’m really out-of-touch with the music on the radio. Oh well, I figured, I’d just listen to the radio instead. And that’s when I heard “Gangnam Style”, and thought that surely I was picking up the wrong station. What was this ridiculousness?! It only got better when I went home and looked up the video on YouTube.

I now know what I’ll be doing with my weekend – learning the Gangnam Style dance. Because everyone should know this dance. Because it’s so ridiculous that… well, I just can’t help but laugh out loud while watching the video.

And that leads me to… current fandom! What’s big right now? At least in my little world…

These babies. New babies. From Michael Kors. I promise to take good care of them, as I’m a sucker for anything by my boy MK:

Speaking of music, when I’m not listening to ridiculous foreign music, I’m actually really loving The Cataracs. Perfect mix of crazy rap, dubstep, and fun. Great for running at the gym!

And.. yes! It’s that time of the year! Time for everything pumpkin! I made this recipe for pumpkin dip last night when I had some of my friends over and it was delicious as always!

And as not to disappoint – learn it too, and we can dance together!