Behind the Scenes!

*Whew*! These past couple of weeks have been quite the whirlwind, to the point where at times I needed to take a picture of the hotel room door just to remember where I should sleep at night.

I shot four weddings in two weeks, and then was off for the next leg of the Price, Process, and Profit tour! I love my job and am a busy-body, so I’m thankful to be so busy. It’s been pretty amazing!

Caught in action photographing Kim and Jon’s wedding ceremony at The Hayloft:

(Photo by Rudy Reisgo)

The result:

Caught during a not-so-graceful-but-it’s-all-for-the-shot moment at Jamie & Dave’s wedding.

The result:

Fluffing and prepping Amanda’s wedding dress for the perfect shot:

The result:

I got to hang out with some awesome friends and family of my couples. Of course they’re awesome – they have friends like my brides and grooms!

After that it was off to Florida! We stopped in Miami, Tampa, and then to Atlanta for three more speaking stops. In Miami we had about an hour at the beach, and some time to watch salsa. In the evening, we spoke to a great local group, and I got to see my girl Catalina!

The drive to Tampa was a bit uneventful (except for no-hands driving! *kidding*), but once we were there, some amazing Cuban food was awaiting. Yum! Also a BIG shoutout to the Showiteer community, who have been so supportive in every city! Tampa was no exception.

Not to forget about the group in Atlanta, which was incredibly friendly and open. I didn’t take many photos while there because.. I think I was photo-ed out! Sorry! But we loved being there!

There you have it! My last month in a nutshell:)Off to the next nuthouse. I mean… nutshell.