The New Office!

Finally! I have been itching to post about this for a while!

In March I approached Brad and told him that I no longer wanted to work in my office. I hated it in there, and it was just way too dark and cold, especially in March! I needed a place that inspired me. A place that felt more like the home of Leeann Marie Photography. I needed a “me” space! He gave me a budget and instantly I felt like I had been transported to HGTV. I was dead set on finding exactly what I needed, and submitting my receipts to be tallied in red text next to my photo at the end of the episode.

And now (even though I broke the budget because we installed hardwood floors. Like, really, the budget is a gone-er), I’m happy to share with you my new office!

First – here’s the ooollllddddd one…

And the new one! 🙂 Have to keep the deer heads – that’s part of marrying a hunter.

Love that I went with the exercise ball as my office chair. It stays tucked under the desk, is comfortable, and ensures that I don’t sit for too long!

Found these pillows and knew they were perfect! I initially was going to do just light blue, white, and mirrors/glass, but then Brad bought me this beautiful orchid and I decided to throw in some fuchsia! These bottles work perfectly to hide all of the cords, which, yes, I did take the time to wrap each of them in white electrical tape.


I had these framed poster from a while ago, and I’m glad it still fits right in.

I even love these little jars for things like stamps, return address labels, and paper clips.

The best part? My view is now out a set of windows instead of looking at a wall! Really helps on those days where I work a ton and don’t go outside – at least I can see it! 🙂


  • Bill Johns says:

    Love the remodel! When I saw you in Georgetown a few weeks ago you were so excited for this to be completed…glad it came out so beautifully!

  • Lisa Stein says:

    Leeann, I love it! So bright and cheerful!!! Love the blue wall, and works great with the white, for just the right accent. Life sure is about compromise. So funny you’re willing to keep the deer heads!
    We’re house hunting, and what always comes back to me, is where is my office going to be. That’s where I envision myself and my day. What are the dimensions of that room? I have so much stuff, just never know where I’m going to put it all, you’re so streamlined. Good closets?
    Enjoy your new space!!!