Hometown Engagement: Annie + Tom

downtown pittsburgh engagement picture
Annie and Tom are the kind of couple that are just so easy-going, it’s easy to think that you could hang out with them for days on end. They will chat with you and tell you all about their favorite restaurants and bars, how they met, and then turn the conversation around and ask more about you. What are you all about? What do you love?

And it’s then that you realize that not only are they calm and cool, but they’re also givers. I imagine that everyone in their group of family and friends is lucky to have them, and that they’d help you out at the drop of a hat. They love each other, and they love life. It’s easy to tell, and it’s no wonder their wedding is on a beach!

I had the honor of photographing their engagement, but really, it was great to just hang out with them and walk around downtown Pittsburgh on a summery evening. Congratulations!
sunny summer pittsburgh engagement
Love, love, love the summery late sun!
creative happy pittsburgh couple engaged
Cool and calm. I was loving this red berry tree for photos!
point state park engagement photo
We photographed a lot of their session at Point State Park.
point state park pittsburgh engagement picture
leeann marie photography
As soon as I spotted this grove of red flowers, I knew I had to photograph them there as well!
pittsburgh engagement pics
red flowers pittsburgh downtown epics
I’m always trying to find interesting and unique perspectives for weddings and engagements. I won’t say exactly where this was shot – that’s the secret sauce! But I love the unique composition!
creative pittsburgh wedding and engagement photographer