phipps conservatory wedding outdoor garden photo
His best man stood up underneath the tent, donning his red vest and champagne glass in-hand. He held the microphone, and Trey prepared to listen to his speech. What did his brother have to say to him on his wedding day?

And as he started, Trey realized that his brother’s speech would take little planning. Trey was the one who did all of the writing. And then.. his brother read to the entire wedding crowd what Trey had written on Karen’s Facebook wall earlier in the day…

March 1, 2005 I decided to ask out a girl I thought was cute.. I never dreamed I’d be experiencing my last first date, my last first kiss, and even my last first fight.. You can’t really plan for meeting your soulmate at fifteen. But that’s the thing about this girl. She changed me so profoundly that I could not imagine living one second of this life without her. She’s my best friend, my confidant, and the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.. Today I get to experience another last.. Our last first dance as husband and wife.. “You see me, love me, just the way I am. For you, I am a better man” I love you Karen!

south side wedding photographer pittsburgh
Some help from her bridesmaids.
pittsburgh candid wedding photographer
All of the girls were absolutely beautiful!
pittsburgh wedding photography
Karen’s dad and brother seeing her for the first time..
southside wedding photos pgh
beautiful wedding photography pittsburgh
Loved this lobby!
creative pittsburgh wedding photographer
The men looking super handsome (and a little nervous!) before the ceremony.
phipps conservatory wedding photographer
I can’t say enough how much I love shooting at Phipps Conservatory. It’s an absolutely beautiful venue for a wedding.
garden outdoor wedding ceremonies phipps
Some late-afternoon light on their wedding.
phipps weddings
New husband and wife!
phipps conservatory weddings
Karen is so tiny, Trey can just snuggle her in super close.
phipps conservatory wedding photographers
Love the flare.
wedding pictures at phipps conservatory outside
THeir last, first dance.
weddings outdoor tent phipps
Then the party got started!
phipps dancing
dancing reception at phipps
Hey! Don’t run over the bride!
phipps wedding
Love it when the guys dance!
outdoor tent phipps conservatory leeann marie
Trey’s brother! Tearin’ it up!
_fun wedding pictures
Congrats, Karen and Trey! You are both awesome people, and I’m so lucky to have you as my clients! (PS – Trey’s story made me cry every time I proofread this post.)

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