Great iPhone Photos: Part II

The second part of this series is focused on another app that is great for editing images to give them the extra “Wow!” factor – Camera+.

Camera+ is really versatile, and has so many features that you’ll love to use! You can not only set the focus and exposure for different points in an image when shooting, but you can edit with lots of different tools (like “Clarity”!), crop, lighten, enhance, and more.

I use this app a lot for shooting quickly (it doesn’t have the long delay when taking photos like the regular iPhone camera does), and I love applying the Clarity filter, and have purchased a few additional style filters (Contessa is a favorite).

For this photo, I used the Clarity editing and the “sunkissed” filter, which I toned down. This is another great thing – with the filters in this app, you can alter the intensity of the effect (you can’t do that in Instagram!)

Clarity filter.

Contessa filter.

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