Fourth Stop – California!

The more I visit, the more I love it. California is simply a beautiful place, and it’s got great food! I say that because, looking through all of the photos that I took from there, I had a lot of photos of delicious fish tacos, sushi, and…. In ‘N Out. It was my first time trying it!

We started this tour stop in San Francisco, and then road tripped down the California highways! Over the week we hit up San Fran, LA, the OC, and San Diego! It was California galore!

((This is a real photo! It looks totally fake, but, in reality, it’s the central valley of California))

The week ended in San Diego, where I tried surfing for the first time. Needless to say, I just ended up with sore hip-bones and a bruised ego. I was not very good. Going to stick to the treadmill instead. I was, however, cajoled with fish tacos. Score!

If you’re really curious what the whole tour is about, here’s a fun video we made over the course of the week!

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