westmoreland country club wedding photographer
You could hear the roar rolling down the street, and hidden through the trees surrounding the golf course, a man in a light tan linen suit with matching linen and chartreuse tie rode up to his wedding chapel. He pulled into the parking lot, tore off his helmet, and smiled – ready to marry his Katie girl.

Meanwhile, she donned her white dress, laughed with her girlfriends, and swooned over the beautiful flowers delivered to her parent’s home where she got ready in the morning. She was starting her wedding day in the house where she grew up, and soon would get into the limousine to be married in the church where she was raised.

Katie and Josh are perfect for each other. As they stood on the altar area in the little church on a hilltop, he brushed away her tears, and she squeezed his hands tight. They laughed full belly-laughs together between their ceremony and reception, and sat so close together during the mealtime prayer that one could be sure that Josh would never, ever let his Katie girl go. They’re just meant to be.
trafford wedding photographer
Getting ready with a little help from her bridesmaids…
murrysville wedding photographer
Melissa shot this…
monroeville wedding photographer
…while I was shooting portraits of Katie.
weddings in murrysville photography
Seeing her groom for the first time.
export wedding photographer
The church really was situated at the top of a little hill. It was so quaint and cute.
export derry church wedding
murrysville weddings
Josh, his brother, and their little sister. I think she adores these guys!
haladyna wedding
Heck ya!
bride and groom on motorcycle
Seriously loved their suits.
groomsmen in tan linen suits
This tree was beautiful! Katie and Josh kind of remind me of Murrysville’s own Blake and Miranda, and the vibe really fit with their personalities.
beautiful wedding photography pittsburgh
Just gorgeous, Katie.
pittsburgh wedding photographer
westmoreland country club wedding photography
Josh is such a great guy! They work so well together.
weddings at westmoreland country club
On to the reception at Westmoreland Country Club! Shortly after this, Josh’s brother took a shot and threw himself across the dance floor belly-first. Yup.
country club wedding photographer murrysville
Listening to speeches!
creative candid wedding pictures
A quiet moment to themselves.
katie and josh haladyna
I really liked the color in this shot from their first dance.
westmoreland country club wedding photographers recommended
Looks like Josh’s little niece wanted to get in on the bouquet/garter toss action!
garter at wedding
Katie and her brother!
un wedding photography pittsburgh
Congrats! Hope you enjoyed Hawaii!

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