seeing each other for the first time wedding
It was one of the hottest days of the year, and they had travelled back to the Weirton/Steubenville area to wed in Amanda’s hometown. She sent to him a brand new watch, and he adoringly showed it off to his groomsmen in the back room of the church. It was finally the day that they had been planning from Baltimore, and the pews were slowly filling with old friends and new.

As familiar faces took their seats, Amanda and Gideon celebrated their own special moment in the quiet room on the side of the church. They reached to the end of the wall, interlocked fingers, and both smiled instantaneously.

As they hold hands through the years, they will remember that moment when they couldn’t see each other, but could touch hands with nervous excitement, laughter, tears, and a whole new world opening before them.
west virginia wedding photography
Bridesmaids helping Mandee to get into her dress.
wedding photographers in weirton wv
Gideon showing off his new watch.
weirton west virginia weddings
Some super-cute kiddos were at the wedding!
children at weddings
Her dad walking her down the aisle…
dad and bride weirton wv st joseph worker church
…and brushing away a tear.
st joseph the worker church weirton wedding
St. Joseph the Worker church in Weirton, WV.
st joseph the worker church weirton
We had a lovely location to shoot their portraits!
steubenville wedding photographer
Loved the big iron gates at this spot in Steubenville.
wedding photographers in steubenville
steubenville wedding photographers
Love how happy Gideon is in this photo!
steubenville best wedding photographer
I was infatuated with these blossoms.
steubenville ohio wedding photographers
A little flare!
steubenville wedding pictures
They made quite the entrance into the reception venue.
st florian hall wedding photographer
Cake? Check!
st florian hall steubenville weddings
A romantic first dance accompanied by the house band.
st florian wedding photography
And proud parent dances. Congrats!
st florian hall ohio wedding pictures

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