Recently, while working at Carla and Naeill’s wedding, the event coordinator, Tony, let myself, Melissa, and the videography team know that he would be bringing in the bride and groom to the reception room for them to see it before guests entered. We agreed and continued on our work photographing the details (we like to get them before they’re touched).

Carla and Naeill entered, and the DJ played some sweet music just loud enough so that they could no longer hear the guests right outside of the door. They walked around the room, taking it all in, and slowly worked their way to the dance floor.

Alone. They swayed together and were finally alone, even for just a few minutes, on their wedding day. They held each other close, smiled, and took in the Pittsburgh scenery just outside of the windows. It was beautiful to watch, and it was only then that I realized the amazing experience that Tony brought to light for them. He planned this and made it happen, and I give him an insane amount of credit for that.

I hope that Carla and Naeill remember this moment forever.

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