pitstburgh wedding pictures
Love stories have been written and told since the beginning of time. They are humanity’s universal truth and hope. They are tales of dreams, adventures, longing, and desire, and when best told – are tales of the heart.

Love stories have difficulties, triumphs, celebrations, and some tears. There are love stories of the reunited, and love stories that span decades. Stories with beautiful dresses, jewels, and decorations, and stories of two hearts trying to make their way together in a lone world.

Tracy and John’s love story is all theirs. It’s a story that has never before been told, and a story that will be written throughout the years. It’s a love between two people, who are truly unique in this world. A story of friendship and smiles, work, and couch-forts. A story of blush pink dresses with layers of tulle, and a story of a man waiting with wringing hands for the girl who will share his story.

It’s a tale to be written in cards, text messages, photographs, and letters. It’s all theirs, and their wedding day was Chapter 1.
pittsburghs grand hall at the priory wedding photographer
Part 1: Tracy receives a heart-felt letter from her groom.
pittsburgh photojournalist wedding photographer
Part 2: Best friends wish her luck and share in her excitement.
pittsburgh candid wedding photographer
Part 3: The dress goes on.
pittsburgh photography for weddings
Part 4: Mom helps with the finishing touches.
black and white bride photography
Part 5: Shiny earrings.
picture of bride in mirror
Part 6: They see each other for the first time.
pittsburgh first look wedding photo
Part 7: Bridesmaids and friends.
pink green wedding june pittsburgh
Part 8: Groomsmen enjoying the day.
pittsburgh wedding groomsmen
Part 9: Bridal party fun.
priory courtyard wedding party picture
Part 10: Photos in the courtyard at the Priory.
pittsburgh wedding photographer at priory
Part 11: Love.
priory pittsburgh wedding photographers
Part 12: Blushing bride.
pittsburghs best wedding photographers
Part 13: Sunlight and kisses.
pittsburgh grand hall priory weddings
Part 14: City streets.
north side wedding pictures pittsburgh
Part 15: Fluffy dress.
downtown pittsburgh wedding photography
Part 16: Watching his bride come down the aisle.
wedding ceremony in priory grand hall
Part 17: Giving away his only daughter.
wedding ceremony in priory
Part 18: Exchanging of the rings (a RING!)
picture of ceremony in priory grand hall pittsburgh
Part 19: Man and wife.
pittsburgh photography for weddings ceremony
Part 20: Fairytale dances.
pittsburgh wedding photographers
Part 21: Next to be…
wedding photos from the priory
Part 22: Party the night away.
priory dance floor
Part 23:….

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