Great iPhone Photos: Part 1

One of my brides recently came back from her honeymoon and wrote “I wish I had taken you with me on our honeymoon just to take photos! Mine stink!” Seems like in today’s digital world, lots of us use our iPhones (or other phones) on a regular basis for our day-to-day, and perhaps even honeymoon, photos.

Confession: Typically, when I’m not working, I use my iPhone for every other personal photo. It’s just so easy to carry around! (just check out my Instagram feed over there –>)

Since so many of us are using our personal phones for important photos, I thought it would be fun to write a series of blog posts about how to take great iPhone photos! It’s definitely possible to create some amazing art using just your phone. To really get good at it, you just need patience, the right apps, and an understanding of how your camera phone will work best.

Today I want to mention one of my favorite apps – ProHDR!

App Name: ProHDR
Cost: $1.99
Uses: Use for landscape photos, or times when something is “backlit”. Use in instances where you have lots of bright areas and contrasting dark areas in one photo and cannot use flash. Use when subjects are not moving. Great for landscape photography!


How it works: Pro HDR takes two photos, one capturing the light areas of the scene, and another capturing the dark areas of the scene. Then it merges the two photos and allows you to adjust the basics like brightness, contrast, saturation, and temperature. Be cautious that because ProHDR needs to take two photos in a series, that moving subjects won’t really work here. You need either your people or scenery to be quite stationary.

Favorite ProHDR photos: Here are a few of my favorite ProHDR photos, with no editing (except watermark) other than iPhone.
Hanging out at a friend’s marina on the Allegheny River..
Location scouting..
Fireworks from PNC Park. The moving lights of the fireworks added some interest to this one.
Spending July 4th on the rivers. Lots of boating this summer!
Heinz Field from the rivers. This one does have a little additional editing in some other apps that I’ll mention soon!

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