Current Fandom

Oh it’s July 13th! Not sure how I feel about that! This evening I’m heading off to a good friend’s bridal shower, and I am so excited! I haven’t been to a bridal shower in ages, so this is a welcome Friday-night-adventure.

Things have been so go, go, go lately that I sometimes forget to blog about some random personal stories! The middle of wedding season can be quite crazy, but I’m meeting so many fun people along the way and making plans for next year that I cannot wait to share! Such a great 2012!

Here are some things that, in the middle of the chaos, I’m really loving right now:

Heaven, by the Gap: I used to wear this in high school, and stumbled across it at the Tanger Outlets this past weekend. I just had to get some, and I still love it just as much.

Country Concerts: Brad really is the one who brings the country music into our relationship, but I go along with it and enjoy country concerts! Here we are at Lady Antebellum, when it was still chilly in the evenings.

Funky Nails: I’ve started going to a new salon (Bangz in Bridgeville), and I absolutely love it there! The girls that work there are so cute and stylish, and they’re really good at nail art with shellac. I love it!

Lydia in the summer: This little girl is loving the pool, sun, and everything summer time. And I love her.

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