Summer Nights

It’s these June summer nights that are my favorite. The warm evenings, where I can turn off all of the lights in the house and sit on the back deck with a mug of lemon tea and watch the show. The fireflies are out this time of the year, and my backyard, lined with old trees, glistens like glitter in the evenings.

I remember running around in my backyard as a kid, with an empty jelly jar full of fireflies that I had caught. Surviving thanks to the holes my mom poked in the lid, I’d swoop in with a two-handed catch and then slowly open my hands to see if there was, indeed, another in my hands.

And now as a sit with a cup of tea, and a husband holding my hand, I’m in love with where I live. These shimmering summer nights make me never want to leave. My backyard is just as magical as it was when I was six years old.

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