05_heinz chapel
With family all around, we stood on the lawn between Heinz Chapel and the Cathedral of Learning and took some casual portraits. Uri and his mom. Sharissa and her grandma. The flower girl curtseying in her frilly dress and ballerina slippers. Once finished, we headed out to the street to get transportration to a different location for photos. I loaded my gear into the trunk, got into my car, and waited for the bridal party to take off down the street in the limo… and then I saw Sharissa waving to me in my rear-view mirror and knew something was awry.

Things don’t always go as planned. Wedding rings get dropped mid-ceremony. Limos break down. Cakes get placed so high the bride can barely reach. Things don’t always go as planned, but never once did Sharissa and Uri let these things get to them on their wedding day. In fact, they were incredibly at ease the entire day, and they both smiled their way through it.

Sharissa spent countless hours working on wedding planning and details, finding the right princess dress, and dreaming about her wedding day. (I know this from Instagram). Everything was planned, and the day arrived with beautiful weather. Sure, things don’t always go as planned, and she and Uri understand that life is going to throw them curveballs – even on their wedding day.

If they can face this unpredictable life with a cool calm and smiles on their wedding day – they’re blessed. They’ll have each other through anything – that’s something to place your bets on.
01_heinz chapel wedding photographer
After a little ring-drop.
02_heinz chapel weddings
03_hienz chapel wedding pictures
She came in with her parents and out with a husband.
04_wedding photography at heinz chapel
I asked the guys to give me their “most badass” look… 🙂
06_fun pittsburgh wedding photography
The girls were all adorable.
07_peach pink pittsburgh bridesmaid dresses
One happy-married couple!
08_sharissa and uri wedding photos
I really love this edit and they way they’re framed by the trees.
09_romantic pittsburgh wedding photography
I usually like to shoot through something if looking for a different, more unique angle.
10_university of pittsburgh wedding photographer
Heck yes, dresses!
11_university of pittsburgh wedding pictures cathedral
Sharissa’s wedding shoes were white and sparkly.
12_pittsburgh weddings
*whomp whomp* breakdown. Might as well joke about it!
13_limo bus pittsburgh
First dance at Summerset at Frick Park.
14_summerset at frick park wedding photography
Some funny toasts, by her bridesmaid who swore initially that she and Sharissa would not be friends, because she wasn’t a fan of Sharissa’s pants in middle school. Well – look how things turned out!
15_summerset at frick park weddings
Mother/Son dance.
16_summerset at frick wedding photographer
Working on the cake-cut.
17_summerset at frick park wedding room reception
At the end of the evening, Sharissa and Uri released a floating lantern. We stood and watched it float all the way to 10,000 feet. It was lovely! Congrats!
18_pittsburgh floating lantern release wedding

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