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Great question! And this is really important to me for so many reasons. I book 20-25 weddings a year.

Why not more weddings if you could? That’s more business, right? Right, and I am unavailable for 30.44% of the clients that get in touch with me and want to book (Yes, I know that number). The reason I limit the number of weddings I shoot is because I truly, truly love to get to know the clients that I work with.

If I just worked with anyone that got in touch, then it would be a lose/lose situation. They wouldn’t have a photographer who gave them the attention they deserve as a couple about to be married, and I would be run ragged.

This is why I’m always surprised when I hear from brides saying that they met with a photographer, and the deal offered to them at the meeting was just too good to pass up. A deal is a deal, but please be cautious of this sales tactic. It’s sales, and you instantly become less of a relationship and more of a field on a spreadsheet. At the same time, if we don’t have a connection, I’m not going to fake it just so that I can book another wedding. What a terrible way to work with someone, and incredibly unfair to you!

I always love my couples meet with me, go home, and think about everything…. and I do the same. I want them to say “Hey, isn’t Leeann awesome? I could hang out and make friendship bracelets with her all day. Maybe we’ll have a game of jailbreak at the end of the night and then make s’mores together.” (Kidding, but only to a certain extent! 🙂 )

What’s most important then?I want to make sure there’s a mutual connection, not just seem like I’m out to get their money as soon as I possibly can. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about hiring someone who will be a part of your life, in some way, for close to a year. That’s a lot! And it can either be a stress point, or an amazing personal and business relationship.

That is why I only work with 20-25 couples a year. I know how my business runs, and I know that money isn’t everything. I’m not out to just get brides to sign on the dotted line. I’m there to make connections. To welcome new girls who believe in celebrating their hometown and their success at the same time. Brides with style. Personality. Warmth. This is so much more than a number – it’s a friendship with awesome pictures and personal dress-carrying assistant!

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