west virginia wheeling wedding photographer
Their first look was an array of emotions. Ryan, nervous, a bit unsure of what exactly to do. Waiting with his back to the door for Julie to finally come out after hours of preparing to see her groom. He fiddled a bit and answered my questions with some sort responses.

Julie, helped though the process by my second photographer Melissa, arrived at the doors to the Grand Vue Park building, stepped through into the warm air, and stopped for a second. To take a breath and prepare.

She stared inching toward him, asking while walking slowly if she was doing the right thing. And honestly, during their first look – everything was the right thing. A smile crept onto Ryan’s face, and when finally she tapped him on the shoulder and he turned, he saw the woman he was going to marry that day. And her big smile, blonde curls, and eyes that always have a giggling sparkle in them.

And they smiled. And then tears came. And then they both simultaneously picked something off of the other, the way husbands and wives do. And then they kissed. And it was magic.
First Look wedding photography
Julie had each of the girls made a custom hanger, which was really sweet of her! (Photo by Melissa)
Grand Vue Park wedding photographer
They wrote each other letters, which were sealed in a box along with two wine glasses and a bottle of wine. Only to be opened on their 5 year anniversary.
grand vue west virginia wedding
Laughs from her sister and some beautiful flowers!
julie and ryan wedding
Their ceremony was outdoors at Grand Vue under a big tree.
grand vue park west virginia moundsville wedding
Julie during her vows.
outdoor wedding west virginia
It was really picture perfect with the weather, hydrangeas, and lovely outdoor wedding ceremony.
grand vue park west virginia wedding photographer
The new Mr. & Mrs!
grand vue park outdoor wedding ceremony
After the ceremony, the four of us went to take photos at some of the scenic spots around Grand Vue Park.
grand vue park wedding photos
Oh Julie you gorgeous bride!
grand vue wedding pictures wv
This shot was actually taken through Ryan’s wedding band.
creative west virginia wedding photographer
Ryan, looking so GQ, and Julie – with a butterfly that just happened to land on her dress.
west virginia best wedding photographer leeann marie
I’m a big sucker for weeping willow trees and grassy fields. They remind me of the areas I used to play when I was little.
west virginia park wedding bride and groom photos
How romantic!
weeping willow wedding picture
Julie’s father gave a wonderful toast during the reception.
grand vue wedding west virginia
As did the best man!
grand vue park reception wedding toasts
I loved the way they decorated with the paper lanterns, and their guests had a great time goofing around in the photo booth.
grand vue reception hall and photobooth
Let’s end it with a ring shot! Congratulations!
pink and blue wedding

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