Current Fandom

Crema. Nashville. Slightly grungy, a little hipster, and yet totally delicious coffee shop near the river. I’m sitting here preparing to speak tonight, and reminding myself that if I have too many cappuccinos, we may have a disaster on our hands, so I stop after the first cute one I order.

I have to say, I’m a fan of this place, since there’s really nothing like it in Pittsburgh. Some other things that currently have my attention?

Draw Something! So, I’ll admit, I’m the kind of “draw-er” (<-- is that a word?), that plays catch up with the game. I'll complete everything I've needed to get done in the day, and then plop on the couch and respond to all of my outstanding Draw Something games. Was pretty excited that recently I had enough coins to get a new color packet. It's the little things, guys. This isn't one of mine, but I saw it posted and thought it was pretty funny:

Side Swept Hair: Mine’s getting rather long, and for some reason I’m a fan of sweeping it to one side lately. Can I start this trend? Anyone else with me?

VSCO iPhone Camera app: I was introduced to this app last night (Thanks, Nick Key!), and it’s a fun little editing app. I’m a fan, and for only $0.99 it’s fun to play around with. Both of the photos above were edited using it:

Hmm… after all of this typing I kind of want another cute cappuccino.

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  • Tracy Travaglio says:

    I’ve been sweeping my hair to the side lately too! I wore it that way for my bridal shower last month. I’m totally with ya.