Behind The Scenes: Texts

I only wish we had ear pieces. You know, the kind where we could stop anywhere in our tracks, put a finger to an ear, murmur something into a sleeve cuff and then continue on like nothing happened? We would be pretty secret-service-stealthy, although in the summer I tend to wear sleeveless a lot, so now I’m not really sure how that would work…

So instead we text. Keep phones on silent and communicate about how the wedding is going, logistics, shooting angles, and timelines. The day is organized behind-the-scenes to a T, and often my brides and grooms really have no idea of the thought their vendors (not just me!) are putting into everything going smoothly. Case in point? The hen is in the nest.

One Comment

  • Liz says:

    At an intern event, we were actually given the headsets. I used so many code terms I’m pretty sure people only understood about 50% of what I was saying, but I had a blast! One of my favorite days at work – I highly recommend the headset when appropriate!