They met during an internship, where both had to dress ultra-conservative, but where there was no denying that there was something between the two of them. After a little over five years together, Mike proposed to Liz on Christmas Day, and they shared the day with their family in Pittsburgh celebrating the holiday and (finally) an engagement. They live in Milwaukee now, and Liz may or may not try to hook up her intern hires to find love the same way she and Mike did. (Shhhh…)

Their wedding will be later this year on the beach, in a location where they are choosing to start their marriage with family and friends who will travel to be with them, but for now – they celebrate their engagement at home. In Pittsburgh.
west park engagement photographer
I’m going to guess that Mike may list her smile as one of Liz’s best features.
pittsburgh engagement photographer best leeann marie
The cherry trees are no longer in bloom, but we were able to find some flowers to add to the romance. Liz’s Pinterest has lots of romantic-feeling wedding details pinned, so I wanted to make sure her engagement photography really fit her style as well.
West Park engagement photography romantic
Mike. Happy guy.
engagement ring photography weddings in pittsburgh
I have this thing for girls with amazing hair. All I’ll talk about is how amazing their hair is. Constantly. Uh… ya.
pittsburgh creative romantic engagement photography at west park
Since their engagement session was to celebrate their hometown, we made sure to get some of the city backdrop included during their session!
pittsburgh bridges engagement picture
There’s a house in the Mexican War streets with just vibrant, insane details. Would I live there? Probably not. More vanilla than that, but it makes for a great place to shoot!
mexican war streets engagement photography
Can’t wait to work with these two again! Every now and then Liz and I get into these hugely long email chains where we go back and forth about the Bachelor and male-psyche-randomness. 🙂
mexican war streets engagement photography pictures
Ah, super sweet. I love it when I can tell my brides are just so comfortable and real in their guy’s arms.
liz and mike engagement picture
Welcome home, you two! And in a few months – another welcome home. Into your marriage.
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