Maggie and Kyle were married on a rainy day, but even though the raindrops were tickling the sidewalks, the rain on their day was good luck. A blessing. A way of someone from above touching them and saying “This is good, and I believe in you.”

Although neither of them are originally from Pittsburgh, they chose to share the most important day in their lives with the family and friends in their new city. Their home together, and the start of their life as The Andersons.

The ceremony at St. Paul Cathedral was reverent, speaking to their true shared beliefs and the importance of God in their marriage. Maggie’s father walked his youngest daughter down the aisle, and with a handshake, she stepped on the cold, white marble into a warm life with Kyle – one full of creativity, a new place to call home, and incredible love.

Maggie paid homage to her family by wearing her Grandmother’s opal ring. A something borrowed.
Maggie was really creative with her bridesmaids gifts, and we mutually swooned over some adorable Etsy finds.
A mother’s finishing touch. I always love being able to watch these small moments unfold. A mother placing the wedding veil on her youngest daughter is an incredibly sentimental moment in their lives.
Three generations. three_generations_wedding_photography
Maggie was really stunning in her simple, white dress. I love the way the window light here pulls out all of the detail in her dress and veil.
A furtive glance at St. Paul Cathedral.
Kyle caught sight of some of the family and friends in the congregation.
Sealed with a wedding kiss!
It was raining during their portrait time, so we photographed as best we could while still taking advantage of the rainy day natural light. I knew Maggie had talked with me about the vintagey feel of her reception centerpieces, so I made sure we found a location that was not modern. It needed to fit them and their wedding style.
The archways and symmetry is so awesome to me.
Oh, adorable. I love that my couples allow me to capture each side of their personalities – fun, serious, happy, in love.
This was inside of the Newman Library built not long ago for the priests of St Paul Cathedral. They were kind enough to let us into the private space from some calm photography time.
I couldn’t resist putting this photo into the blog post too. I had to share!
wedding typewriter centerpiece vintage
Kyle and Maggie’s reception was held at the Water’s Edge at PPG Aquarium (at the Pittsburgh zoo). This venue has two levels, with the top level containing a lot of different fish tanks and room for a couple of tables, and the bottom level containing the dance floor, sting ray tank, and room for more tables. It’s definitely a unique location, and was really fitting since Maggie and Kyle are a great mix of traditional, yet really uniquely creative individuals.
PPG Aquarium Zoo Wedding photography
As Kyle’s mom was welcoming Maggie into the family..
Wedding at the zoo PPG Aquarium
There was definitely a lot of dancing, thanks to Garry Snyder (such an awesome guy)
PPG Aquarium waters edge zoo wedding photographer picture
We’ll sum up the wedding day with a high-five. Congratulations! Thank you so much for having Melissa and I with you!
wedding photographers who have worked at the zoo PPG aquarium

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