black and white south side engagement picture pittsburgh
Karen and Trey have been together since high school, and have ventured together ever since. Following a recent graduation from West Virginia University, they’re now here in Pittsburgh starting their lives in the working world and planning their wedding together. Admittedly, they both miss West Virginia a lot, but are excited to celebrate their wedding with their friends and family who will travel into their new city for the big day in August.

We photographed their engagement session in the South Side of Pittsburgh to celebrate their move to the big city, and the place that they’ll call home for now.
pittsburgh city engagement photography
Love the light and color here.
southside engagement photographer
The South Side offers some really fun colors and backdrops.
pittsburgh engagement photography sun light
I l-o-v-e their height difference!
southside engagement picture
A little fun in the South Side.
leeann marie photography fun creative
You can just tell that being together since high school, they’re still so happy and comfortable together.
downtown south side pittsburgh engagement pictures
sunny beautiful pittsburgh engagement photography downtown

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