Central Park Pedicabs

Visiting Michelle is always an adventure. She’s a hard-nose, yet so goofy, New Yorker, and she runs the line between work and play like a pro. Last time I was in the city, I was there during the work-week, so hanging out was a bit more difficult. She runs an office for Amazon, and needless to say that keeps her pretty busy during the week.

In order to get some quality time together, we decided that it would be easiest for me to meet up with her at her office and we would head to the Met from there. I made sure to be there on time, and met her in the midtown building with a big “I <3 NYC” sign in front – perfect. It seemed as though a cab would be the best way to go –  after all, I had my suitcase with me and was heading to the airport after dinner.

Needless to say, as soon as we hailed a hard-to-come-by taxi, Michelle realized that she had forgotten her wallet in the office, so she ran back inside to retrieve it. A few minutes later, and a bit out of breath, she was back and we had difficulties finding another cab during the busy rush hour. We walked, with arms raised,  a few short blocks and quickly came uon Central Park, with pedicab drivers galore.

Each of them had a 2-for-1 offer for us, and they were all trying to get us to pay for a touristy ride through Central Park. Michelle, the no-frills girl that she is, gave them a quick “No”, but they pushed for it. Ever the dealer, she managed to talk them down in price as they assured us that they could fit two girls, two purses, and a suitcase into the pedicab. We were sold, and we hopped on, giggling. Best decision ever.

It was Michelle’s first pedicab ride in her own city, and we joked about our view of the driver’s rear end, and the fact that the horse carriages were going about the same speed as us. It was cold, and we were provided with a blanket for our laps. Two took video, a ridiculous number of photos, and enjoyed some giggly girl time together – the stuff that makes me so happy to be with my best friend.  The suitcase was squeezed between our feet, and we were dropped at the Met in about a 20 minute ride. As we got off, Michelle and I both had huge smiles on our faces – she because, to her, it was ridiculous, and me because I got a New Yorker to do something she never had before. Yay for touristy traps!

Thumbs up for our ridiculous pedicab ride, and the ability to fit a suitcase on it!


Have you taken a pedicab through Central Park? I think there should be races. That I would so pay full price for.

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