“Let’s get some large prints.. like an 11 by 14.” Right? Not exactly. Print sizes and the ways to use them in your home really vary, and they look different depending on where you’d like them to be displayed. I always think of it this way:

Gift prints / Framed:

  • 4 by 6
  • 5 by 7
  • 8 by 10

Hallway Photos:

  • 11 by 14

Wall Art

  • 16 by 20, 20 by 30, Larger

In order to best display this, I ordered the same photo in each of these sizes and placed it in an empty space above my couch. A living room is a great location to show off your wedding photos, so what size would really work on the wall? Let’s take a look – the gallery below shoes how the image size affects it’s display on your wall:


Leeann Marie Photography professional prints program:

Images are proofed online via Pictage for 3 months
Order 2-for-1 prints for the first 30 days of proofing

My opinion on professional vs. consumer prints:

“If I get the digital copies and rights to print in my package, why should I bother getting professional quality prints when I can take them to Walmart?”

Professional prints are a must. You spend hours upon hours planning a wedding. You research flowers, try on a million (it seems) dresses, pick the. perfect. colors., and obsess about how to do your hair. All of a sudden those Malono Blahnik’s don’t sound like such a bad idea.

And then you get your wedding photos. And you just adore them. Great!! Now what!! Well let’s head over to Walmart!. See the disconnect? I’m not telling you that Walmart is bad. I tend to get a lot of t-shirts and cookies with fake icing there (which I love for realz), but when it comes to your wedding, please invest in some professional quality prints! These are the photos of your wedding that will be hanging in your house for years to come. Everyone who comes over will look at your wedding picture and oogle over how beautiful you were on your wedding day. Why print all of those wonderful memories on a 2-for-$0.99 print? That doesn’t do justice to your beautiful day.

Professional prints are just that – professional. They are printed through a high-quality photo lab that checks for color correction and weird crop factors before printing one piece of their work for you. These are prints that will last. They are high-quality, durable, and fade-resistant. They are printed on the best photographic paper available. Companies invest thousands upon thousands of dollars to get their prints just. right. Just like your flowers! Just like your dress! And just like your wedding photos should be.

Next – what size?! Oh crap. What size?!? Eeekkkk. Well let me help you out just a little bit with some common print sizes: 5 by 7, 8 by 10, and 11 by 14. These are all just fine, but what size you order depends on where you plan on displaying your photo. I typically describe a 5 by 7 as a “desk photo”. You take this in to work and say “Look at me on my wedding day !! No. You weren’t invited, weird co-worker, but I’ll let you look at what you missed!” An 8 by 10 is good for displaying on shelves. I have one of my wedding photos printed on an 8 by 10 and it sits on my upper landing right when you walk into the house. 11 by 14 – small section wall photo. An 8 by 10 hanging on a wall will look miniscule. 16 by 20 or larger for an amount of space greater than the width of a door.