The Art of Flowing

No, I’m not referring to rapping, although if I could blog about that I totally would. Unfortunately, my rap skills typically consist of knowing the first three words and then doing some stupid bouncing dance to the rest of the song. I will, however, take a bit of credit– I did teach myself all of the words to Nikki Minaj’s “Superbass” last year driving home from a wedding at Chesnut Ridge – a good hour and a half drive from my house. I was the coolest.

The art of flowing I’m referring to is the “go with the flow”-flowing. The art of being a duck on your wedding day and letting things roll off your back.

With months to plan a wedding, it’s tough to imagine that anything would go wrong on your wedding day, but I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen rain, people get lost, construction and traffic, and the dreaded “really drunk groomsman speech”. It’s pretty much inevitable, something will not be as you dreamed on your wedding day, but it’s all about how you handle it, right?

Let’s break down the art of the flow:

  • Something goes wrong
  • Squeeze new husband’s hand
  • Ask bridesmaid for a glass of champagne
  • Laugh at Aunt Susie’s outfit selection
  • Do booty dance with best friend
  • Eat cookie
  • Breathe
  • Flow

It’s that easy. Flowin’ on your wedding day can seem like a “no go” especially after all of the planning, but remembering the art of the flow can result in drinks, dancing, laughing, and cookies – you simply can’t go wrong!

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