LMP Brides: Get to know Jessica

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer Destination
She: Jessica. Teacher.
He: Tom. Certified teacher – currently pursuing his Masters.
Where they are now: Close to Philadelphia – Yardley
Where is home: North Hills of Pittsburgh

Why did you decide to come back home for your wedding?: Tom, my husband is from the North Hills of Pittsburgh, and we would visit quite frequently throughout college and after graduating while dating. I came to love the city, the people, the food, and sports teams and knew that Pittsburgh was the place for our wedding and one day where we will start a family. We had always said that Phipps Conservatory was the perfect location for a wedding, and once we were engaged, we booked it right away!

What was the hardest thing about planning from out of town?: Communicating through email was quick in terms of sending out questions I had at all hours of the day and night, but receiving answers about catering, flowers, etc. wasn’t always as fast or easy to understand responses. I also was not always understood when asking the questions that I had. I sent TONS of emails, as I couldn’t make phone calls at work during regular business hours, which no matter how wonderful all of the people were that we worked with, the communication was not always as clear as it could have been had I been meeting with vendors in person.

Have you thought about / will you ever move back home?: This is our biggest hope for 2012. We of course need to secure a teaching job for one or both of us so that we can finally buy our first home and possibly start additional career ventures between the two of us. Mainly, we want to be close to family and friends and live in the city/area that makes us feel right at home!

What rhymes with orange?: We do lots of rhyming in first grade, but I can’t think of anything at the moment. haha

What was your favorite wedding image?: (She attached it 😉 )

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer Destination

What I love about Jess & Tom: We follow each other on Instagram. We emailed a lot. She had crazy awesome details at her wedding. She’s ALWAYS nice. Like, always.

What I love about Philadelphia: It’s on the way to New York City! LOL. And they obviously have great Cheesesteaks. And I was able to sneak away to the city when I was at Lehigh, and it was a quick drive to spend the weekend with friends at Penn. There’s a great little BYOB mexican place there that was super delicious. If I ever remember the name if it, I’ll dedicate a blog post just to that place!