“There’s this great park near by…”

Some of the parks in Pittsburgh are beautiful. Green, lush, playful, fun, green. Green. Quite green. Green is good, I love me some rich green backgrounds.

However, a lot of times when I’m asked where we should shoot for wedding day images, a park is about the only option. I’m going to challenge you. This is a challenge to think a little deeper and more creatively. What else inspires you besides a park? Is there a place that you know just has the most amazing sunset view? A grungy city location that would be an amazing contrast to your perfectly white wedding dress? Somewhere different that will make all of your friends go “Wow. Where was that taken?” Challenge yourself to step out of the park box. Also known as… the Land of Green. I kid. I kid.

Like I said, parks can be really nice, but they can also not be incredibly inspiring locations. Recently, while driving through Houston (which is by Canonsburg if you’re unfamiliar… or… it’s in Pittsburgh) I saw some really cool old buildings. My first thought was *BAM* I need to shoot there. Textures, colors, and most importantly light all play big factors into a beautiful and unique wedding day image.

So there’s your challenge – what’s your favorite unique location? What’s the craziest place you’ve ever wanted to shoot? What location has the most wonderful textures, levels, colors, designs, and light? Is it a park?

*Side Note: If you want to shoot in a park, then I am all for it! I’m just trying to expand comfort zones a bit for photography-sake 😉
abandoned building pittsburgh


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