Introducing: Gina Wade Photography

Earlier this month I attended a meeting of a group called the “Pittsburgh Pix Chicks“. After numerous Facebook messages on when and where the meetings would be, I figured it was about time I get up and go! I’m so glad I did, because that night I met a wonderful group of women photographers – children, baby, wedding, and even letter photographers!

While at the Pittsburgh Pix Chicks meeting, I met the wonderful Gina Wade.

Why am I posting about another photographer? Well, that’s a great question! I believe that my photography and style are true to who I am, and I present myself exactly as what you get. I also believe that we’re all different – there’s a photographer for everyone. Gina loves shooting children and sports, while I focus on wedding and engagement photography. But most importantly, there can be bad experiences at times (bride horror stories), and I love that I get to work with such genuine and honest people. That’s exactly who I’m not afraid to showcase. It’s only in supporting others, that our industry truly thrives.

Gina is just getting her business up and running, but her photography talent is evident. So is her desire to succeed – through asking questions and constantly learning. Gina and I met up recently for some head shots to include in her new website ( <--coming soon!). Here's some of her favorites she sent over: Gina Wade Photography

Gina Wade Photography

xoxo, Gina! Thanks for being my “fan” 😉
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