Engagement Contest Winner! Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

And the winner of the Engagement Session contest (by an extremely supportive landslide!) …….. Jenna and Jeremy!

Here’s a little bit on their super cute story:
Jenna and Jeremy met at Buckhead in Station Square on the eve of Valentine’s Day. “Jeremy and I noticed each other and we started to talk and dance, but just a little bit. We stayed near each other, but we both turned around occasionally to talk to our friends. Then, I asked Jeremy, “Do you happen to like country music?” and he exclaimed “yes!” and we hit if off from there. He told me how he is in a band and I told him that I worked for a country music station. Later in conversation, we discovered that we worked near each other too, and I suggested that we should meet for dinner some night after work. I also asked for his number… I wasn’t letting him get away!”

And their engagement this past December: “We went to our favorite coffee shop, 21st Street Coffee in the Strip, before I (Jenna) had to go to work. Jeremy was off for the day so he dropped me off after we were done. While drinking coffee, Jeremy told me all of his exciting plans for the day, including lunch, video games, music shopping, etc. Well, he didn’t do any of those things. Jeremy spent the day at the mall picking out the engagement ring! I called Jeremy around 2:30PM to tell him I was done early and asked if he could pick me up at that time. On the way home, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but after the fact, Jeremy said he was very nervous the entire ride home. He even turned down the cookies I brought for him – and if you know Jeremy, he doesn’t turn down cookies often 🙂 I called my dad to see how his day was going when we got back to his apartment. Jeremy went into the bathroom because he had hid the ring in there. About four minutes later I hung up and Jeremy “flushed” the toilet (I put flushed in quotes because he was just pretending to go to the bathroom). After he came out of the bathroom, he said “Babbers” (one of our many extensions of our nickname for each other) while entering his bedroom where I was sitting on the computer chair. He then proceeded to get down on one knee and said, “Jenna Lee Schmidt, will you marry me?” And I responded “YES!” with excitement.

That night, we went to Indiana, PA to celebrate Jeremy’s mom’s birthday, our engagement and the New Year.”

And this photo they submitted pretty much sealed the deal:

Pittsburgh wedding photographer holds a contest to win an engagement session and this couple won

Congrats to you both! Now let’s schedule a date 🙂

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