Reflections. How can I help you?

I get a lot of time to reflect on things. I often think long and hard while in the car, to the point of Brad asking “Why so quiet?” I think about branding, website design, marketing, exposure, off-camera flash, Twitter, Facebook, blog posts, what to wear to a shoot, if I need a new camera bag, should I get a new laptop, what will tomorrow bring? There’s so much to think about with running a photography business. I often worry that I’m not doing enough to show that I want everything to be perfect. That I want to keep going above and beyond. That I want you to always be happy.

These are the things that go through my mind constantly. There’s so many different ways of doing things. How can you even choose a direction when all of the options are so fun? This album company, that album company. Canon, Nikon. Black and White, Super Saturation, Call, Email, Bridal Show, no Bridal Show? The possibilites are endless! I wonder how I get sleep half the time!

But it’s all worth it. All. worth. it. Why? Because it’s me! It’s what I love! It’s an adventure. It’s a nervous jitter in my belly. It’s a headache from too much computer time because I just. won’t. stop. It’s new friends. It’s new meetings. It’s inquiries from new brides that I want to get to know! I want to know your stories! How cool of a job is that?! I don’t think it gets any better, which is exactly the reason I’m always striving TO get better!

One of the things that I’ve really been reflecting on is the ability to help others. What can I do to reach out and give back? This is also a hard question. Where do I start? When do I do it? How do I do it? So many options for those in need, budding photographers, and friends. I’ve thought about where I want to go and my strengths. I love to talk. I love to learn. And I love to teach. If I can help one person to learn more about themselves or their photography, then I’m happy.

So I put it out there to all of you – what do you need? What are you trying to learn? How can I help?

I’m always here to help! Of course I love shooting and editing and growing, but I grew thanks to others, and now it’s time to give back. Just get a new camera? Have questions? Let me know! I’d love to help by sharing my knowledge or pointing you in the right direction…. because there’s just so many directions to choose from!

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