Going ALL IN with your business – My double dog dare from Dane Sanders

I double dog dare you!

Crap. That means I have to do it!

Ok, red rover, I’ll do it. I’ve been double dog dared by mister Dane Sanders to articulate “What is your dream for your business in 2015”. Live there.

What’s my dream for my business? Holy cow. That’s loaded! How the heck do I think about my business in five years let alone this year coming up?! That’s hard…

I would love to teach. I taught in college, as a TA for numerous statistics classes. I loved it. I’m great friends with some of my ex-students. I learned MORE statistics by teaching those courses. I think when I initially enrolled, I did pass with an A, but I can’t say I really knew what a Confidence Interval really was. It was a question I needed to answer on a test. But in teaching the subject, well!, I needed to know what a Confidence Interval was! I was teaching it! I know that I prepared my lesson based off of the information given to me, but then in explaining it to others I grew in my knowledge. And I helped. I helped those kids to get their A’s and B’s (no C’s. I’m nice). Win-win! That’s what I would love to do. I would love to give my knowledge to others. Some may think “Well, you’re young. You don’t have that much knowledge” Well, I read. I ask questions. That’s how I learned my statistics, and then I was able to give it back ten fold. Twenty-two fold. Three times over.

IDEAL: Teaching or speaking at a convention
PRESENT: Blog posts about some great photography tips and tricks. And I’m free to answer emails or Facebook messages on your camera or business related subjects!

Where else can I go ALL IN? I want my clients to just be THRILLED! I want them to be like little girls opening that awesome new “Glam Fabulous” Barbie Doll. I want their Ken to look like the smokin’ hottie he is, so that they can plaster it all over Facebook and have all of their girlfriends OHH and AHH over their fabulousness. I want them to be 120% happy with their customer service, and I want them to repeat my name forward, so that I can meet their friends and families and feel a great sense of community in the area. I suppose that’s another form of giving. Teaching and Customer Service.

IDEAL: A dedicated blog following and Word of Mouth from giddy-happy brides, grooms, and families
PRESENT: Constantly stay in touch. Create custom client-sites. Provide unexpected treats. Post on Facebook ASAP and continue to make my art better and better.

What do you think? I think those are good dreams. I really want to get there. I’m absolutely all in.

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